What’s a Site Selection Consultant & How Do You Find One?

What’s a Site Selection Consultant & How Do You Find One?

As businesses reach a growth threshold, they’ll start to invest in ways to expand their footprint. This expansion period may lead to critical decision-making that ensures an efficient geographical distribution of assets in places that genuinely benefit from growth.

Because of the growing demand, companies may seek assistance from site selection services to help streamline processes. But before you acquire their assistance, it helps to ask yourself the burning question: what’s a site selection consultant, and how do you find one?

Please continue reading below to discover what these experts do and how they fit into your growth plan.

What Is a Site Selection Consultant?

A site selection consultant partners with your business to understand your plan, goals, and needs. These professionals are location strategy experts that can assess various sites and their ability to meet your company’s unique demands.

Experienced consultants typically synthesize knowledge through utilizing various resources in supply-chain management, engineering, construction, logistics, taxes, and utilities. Experts may evaluate alternatives, so you’re aware of tradeoffs and can select an optimal location for your business operations.

How Do Consultants Locate Ideal Sites?

While every consultant’s project requirements are unique to their client, experts generally review several factors that allow them to locate ideal sites.

A site selection professional will assess whether a site possesses the right configuration. They will look for sites with few limitations. Consultants review the wetlands, soil conditions, and floodplains.

A site consultant may also consider regions with strong labor forces that possess the adequate skill sets required by your industry. They also assess your state and community to determine whether the location is in a business-friendly climate, giving you essential ties to your suppliers.

How Do You Find a Consultant?

While the process is extensive and requires careful consideration and knowledge, finding a consultant to assist your company during your expansion isn’t impossible; all it takes is contacting a firm! WDG Consulting is a trusted, accredited firm with the ability to help your business grow.

We have more than 40 years of experience in location strategies critical to business success and can offer our best recommendations based on your industry.

In summation, a site consultant is a knowledgeable professional that streamlines the facility planning process. Learning how to finding one benefits your business in many ways. With the magnitude of the final location decision, enlisting the help of a site selection company is a smart business strategy that gives you access to data and technology while allowing you to continue focusing on in-house operations.