A WDGC core specialty is advising companies on whether to relocate.

The answer lies within a relocation feasibility analysis. The objective of our corporate relocation services is to fully define the risks and rewards of a move in support of a go or no-go decision.

As a corporate relocation services company, our goal is to make sure you make the best decision for your business and specific industry. With so many internal and external factors weighing on this choice, a relocation feasibility analysis from WDG Consulting will help you organize and interpret all the information available.

Dialogue With Management

Relocation Impact Analysis

Human Resource Impacts

One of WDGC’s strongest analytical capabilities is gauging the HR impacts associated with relocation (both short-distance and long-distance moves).

Employee Action Model

WDGC’s proprietary analytic tool – the Employee Action Model is based on the mobility characteristics of the employees eligible for relocation, WDGC quantifies the retention/separation by staff level, department, and critical personnel or function in our relocation feasibility analysis.

Commute Impacts

Research Input

Analytic Result

Economic Impacts

Relocation economics quantify both one-time nonrecurring costs and recurring annual operating expenditures. The new location economics are often compared to a business-as-usual case; and, strictly from the investment return, annual savings of any new location ideally supports payback of the one-time relocation cost within three years of start-up.

We're Here to Help

WDGC stands ready to guide you through the alignment process to ensure that the overall site selection process advances your business objectives. Our role is flexible, we can either lead to the study team or provide selected expertise (e.g., labor market metrics) as a dedicated team member.