Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting (WDGC) provides fully integrated advisory services covering all aspects of the corporate location decision. We walk you through the entire site selection process and give our best recommendations based on your specific area of business. Our comprehensive menu of corporate consulting services cover all of the areas listed below.

Human Resources Analytics

Relocation Impacts

Commutation Studies

Worksite Orientation to Labor Pools

Labor Market Analytics

Discretionary Income Analysis

Location Screening

Existing and/or Greenfield Locations

Candidate Area Eliminations for Cause

Identification of Shortlist Locations for New Operations

Benchmarking Locations for Planning Purposes

Recommendation for Field Due Diligence

Location Field Evaluation

Due Diligence Analysis of Targeted Locations

Validation of Dynamic Labor Force Trends

Local HR Best Practices

Sites, Buildings, & Infrastructure

Recommendation Best Site & Alternative


Supply-Chain Mapping

Freight Cost Minimization

Geographic Search Territory for New Facilities

Network Optimization

Scenario Analysis

Economic Incentives

Estimate & Compare Expected Benefits




Tax Credit Sales


Project Coordination

Team Additions

Vendor Selection

Site Acquisition


Why Choose WDGC?

WDGC is your one-stop service provider covering all aspects of the corporate Site Selection Process – and we offer these services on a global platform through our integrated offshore alliance network. We are the Industry Leader in corporate consulting, and bring to every assignment:

We listen to you – what you want to achieve – and working closely with you, develop a scope of services that will provide you with an objective set of facts on which to base your location decisions. WDGC’s core mission is to ensure that our site selection recommendations maximize potential success of the respective business operation.

We're Here to Help

WDGC stands ready to guide you through the alignment process to ensure that the overall site selection process advances your business objectives. Our role is flexible, we can either lead to the study team or provide selected expertise (e.g., labor market metrics) as a dedicated team member.