At WDGC, office site selection and labor analytics is our specialty.

WDGC’s long track record of serving corporate office clients, including 1/3 of the Fortune 500, has distinguished our firm as the go-to consulting practice for critical office location decisions. WDGC offers a comprehensive list of office site selection services to guide your decision-making process from idea inception (location strategy) through final site selection, economic incentives negotiation, and real estate negotiation. Choosing a business location involves extensive research of both internal and external variables. At WDG Consulting, we analyze the data and present it to you, so you can make the best location decision for your business. 



Field Evaluation


Make the process of choosing a business location easy by working with WDG Consulting. With our office location consulting services, you can rest assured that your new location is ideal for your specific operating objectives.

We're Here to Help

WDGC stands ready to guide you through the alignment process to ensure that the overall site selection process advances your business objectives. Our role is flexible, we can either lead to the study team or provide selected expertise (e.g., labor market metrics) as a dedicated team member.