Site Selection for ULTA Beauty New Distribution Center in Fresno, California

WDGC performed site selection consulting for ULTA Beauty’s hunt for a West Coast Distribution/E-Fulfillment Center. Desktop research subsequently yielded a shortlist of viable locations in California and Nevada, at which point WDGC conducted an in-market field study to pinpoint labor market conditions.

Hiring will begin in Summer 2018 for the new operation which will be housed in a brand new 670,000 S.F. facility just south of Downtown Fresno, California. Consequently, the initial hiring demand will be 540 full-time employees, with seasonal employment bringing the total to over 1,000. Fresno was an ideal home for ULTA [NASDAQ: ULTA] as a high unemployment rate, and also because a growing yet underemployed distribution workforce was suitable to staff the project. Affordable labor cost and geographic centrality in the San Joaquin Valley were also major assets for Fresno’s ultimate selection.

ULTA’s total capital investment in the project is rather large and will approach $110 million. The company subsequently was able to secure a robust incentive package valued at nearly $18 million over 30 years.

ULTA’s Fresno Announcement


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