Excerpt: By Dennis J. Donovan, originally posted in Expansion Magazine

This article addresses the latest site selection trends displayed by the medical devices industry. Article content embraces: industry definition; revenue and growth; geographic agglomeration; industry informational sources; key location factors; location decision making process; and concluding remarks.


According to the Food & Drug Administration  (FDA)  a  medical  device comprises  an  instrument,  apparatus, implant,  invitro  reagent,  or  similar  article  whose  utilization  involves  diagnosing, preventing, or treating diseases/medical  afflictions.  A  medical  device  does  not achieve  its  purpose  via  chemical  action within  the  body:  that  would  constitute  a drug or pharmaceutical. Medical  devices  cover  an  array  of products  varying  greatly  in  complexity. Examples  of  more  straightforward  products  are  tongue  depressors,  disposable gloves,  and  thermometers.  Among  more sophisticated goods are minimally invasive surgical  instruments,  medical  electronics, joint  implants,  prosthetics,  anesthetics equipment,  pulmonary  devices,  magnetic resonating equipment, and pacemakers.

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