Excerpt: By Dennis J. Donovan, originally posted at tradeandindustrydev.com


This article addresses the site selection process for financial services back-office operations. We define back-office as administration and support for revenue-producing business units (often referred to as the front-office). Back-offices are process-intensive functions that typically include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Financial transactions processing (e.g., credit card)
  3. Mortgages (claims  and servicing)
  4. Shared services (if multiple function beyond financial or customer service might be more aptly defined as middle-office)
  5. Settlements
  6. Records maintenance
  7. Insurance claims processing
  8. Customer service
  9. Inside sales
  10. Telesales
  11. Information technology
  • Infrastructure support
  • Database management
  • Help desk
  • Software development centers may or may not be included in a back office (often they will be part of what is referred to as middle office).


This article also briefly examines location activity in the often amorphously defined middle-market segment. Middle-office operations tend to be less routine than their “back-room” counterparts. Middle-office functions include software development, legal, human resources, compliance, risk, asset management and research.


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