Excerpt: By Dennis J. Donovan, originally featured in Trade & Industry Development Magazine


This article addresses the geographic deployment of alternative energy equipment production in the United States. The following three major sectors are highlighted:

  1. Solar
  2. Wind
  3. Biomass

Subsequent to defining each segment and current geographic concentrations, key operating requirements and criteria are outlined. Recent, emerging location trends (including tips for successful site selection) are then illuminated.

The intent of this article is to enhance the ability of location decision-makers to reach optimal siting solutions for facilities in these industries. It is also intended to better prepare economic development organizations to successfully interface with site selection professionals representing alternative energy equipment corporations.


Both the solar and wind equipment industries are composed of separate products and manufacturing processes. A few companies are vertically integrated and manufacture the spectrum of products, either at a single or multiple sites. Most companies are engaged in manufacture of one or two product groups. Biomass plants can produce multiple products. But typically there is only one product manufactured at a single site.

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