Nearshore Site Selection

“Colombia has the approach to attracting BPO and IT operations down to a science. In addition, English is taught throughout public education and is becoming more prevalent in recent college graduates. The country is also performing customized training programs for each individual company that improves the English and technology skills of new hires.”


Still, Donovan is aware that other nations have a lot of work to do to compete with Colombia.

“Most Latin American inward investment agencies are not as sophisticated as they are in Colombia and Costa Rica. They’ve got a ways to go, particularly when it comes to acquiring data,” he said.

“It’s incredible that the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries that are trying to attract US companies don’t even have reliable statistics about the volume of English-speaking adults. The data is terrible.”

Argentina is furthermore stuck in a political mire of its own. Therefore making it an unlikely choice during the site selection process for BPO firms.

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