“A mini-trend has been occurring in corporate America, especially among industrial enterprises. That is, the leaner, smaller corporate head office. As companies continue striving for efficiency, flexibility and nimbleness, consequently the trend toward downscaling the flagship office is likely to continue.” Katie S. Burdorf


When it comes to corporate headquarters, it is important to address the dynamics associated with its relocation. We’ll, therefore, first visit the issue executive management should raise before delving into the challenge of geographically relocating headquarters. That issue involves defining “what” functions should be housed in a headquarters facility.

Once the “what” consideration has been resolved, the next question to address is “why?” In other words, what are the primary drivers motivating top management to even consider moving the home office?

Subsequent questions would be “whether or not” and “where” to relocate. “Whether” measures relevant impacts and leads to a “go/no-go” decision. If the decision is to go, “where” would determine the new site for a relocated headquarters operation.

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