How Generation Z Is Transforming the Workplace

How Generation Z Is Transforming the Workplace

While older generations, like Generation X, still occupy more than half of leadership roles, Millennials and Generation Z are beginning to assume more decision-making responsibilities. Because of their hyper-connected upbringing, Generation Z employees are transforming the workplace with new behaviors, perspectives, and expectations.

Remote Training

As technology drives the future of training, more companies are considering remote orientation and fully remote employees. Additionally, due to these advancements in technology, members of Generation Z are requesting more efficient employer-provided tools, such as computer equipment and accessories, to succeed in the work-from-home atmosphere.

Work-Life Balance

Many employees experience burnout at work; unfortunately, not all businesses provide opportunities to develop healthy coping mechanisms or flexibility for work-life balance. Today, more employees prioritize their mental health and well-being by taking time off to relax and recharge.

Independent Learning and Development

Today’s skillsets and abilities are vastly different from skills necessary in past generations. Many of today’s employees show a growing interest in independent learning and self-directed problem-solving, making remote training and work opportunities increasingly relevant.

Diversity and Inclusion

Over 60 percent of Generation Z members prefer a workplace where people with diverse educations, skills, and cultural backgrounds work together as a team. Diversity and inclusion are driving forces for company performance and promoting innovation. It’s also a crucial aspect of recruiting and retaining team members of the next generation.

Frequent Real-Time Feedback

Generation Z members often rely on feedback from a manager in order to be successful. Recent studies show that 60 percent of Gen Zers prefer multiple daily interactions with their leadership team. Creating an environment where frequent managerial feedback and suggestions are standard procedure will promote increased communication, both formally and informally.

There is no question that Generation Z is transforming the workplace. As they continue to join the workforce, generational shifts will promote the next phase of business culture and practices, as well as encourage game-changing initiatives.

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