ADP Adds Three Large Service Operations

WDGC conducted a national search for ADP (Automatic Data Processing, LLC.) [NASDAQ: ADP] and subsequently locating three centers performing varied functions including customer service, HR implementation, finance, and help desk. Each center had a projected headcount of as much as 1,500+, comprised mostly of college graduates. Facility size consequently approached 200,000 SF. Capital investment, as a result, approximated $35 million.

So, facilities were announced for Norfolk (VA), Orlando (FL), and Tempe (AZ). Human resources considerations (availability and cost) therefore drove the site selection decision. Each location featured excess supply of requisite skills, a strong university talent pipeline, moderate competitive demand, and acceptable cost levels. Importantly, available office space was identified in the optimal sub labor markets for each metro area. All three areas subsequently satisfied other primary criteria including telecom, electric power, air access, quality-of-life, transferee appeal, natural disaster risk, and meaningful incentives packages.

Norfolk Announcement

Orlando Announcement

Tempe Announcement


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