5 Site Selection Tips for Fulfillment Centers

5 Site Selection Tips for Fulfillment Centers

In an ever-increasing virtual age, fulfillment centers continue to be fundamental in acquiring goods, and as a budding business owner, expanding is a significant decision. While the ideal fulfillment center location can optimize speed, accuracy and reduce shipping costs, the wrong place can cost you your customers.

Here are five site selection tips for fulfillment centers:


Location is one of the most vital considerations when choosing a fulfillment center since you want to ensure your customers receive timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Before selecting a site, assess potential transportation costs from the center to common final destinations for merchandise orders. Securing the ideal location for your business may enable you to fulfill orders in a matter of hours and minimize overhead costs.


A fulfillment center’s accessibility can significantly impact the likelihood of delayed orders since they can’t leave the production area. When selecting a site, consider some prerequisites to ensure a successful import and export process.

For example, an efficient site will have access to safe road conditions and proper highway interconnectivity to avoid congested routes. High-traffic areas lead to excessive fuel consumption and wasted time, resulting in increased shipping costs and delayed deliveries.

Employee Nature

The distribution team plays a vital role in handling orders in a fulfillment center. The presence of reliable and experienced employees benefits your business and ensures they can fulfill special orders with care, resulting in a positive customer experience.

Opting for a larger facility allows you to employ more employees, so there is enough staff to fulfill merchandise orders and deliveries.

Diverse Capabilities

Fulfillment facilities with various features and capabilities may provide more substantial services than sites with basic warehouse layouts. Selecting a center offering integrated solutions can assure service reliability and an efficient supply chain.


Advanced technology may lead to better service provisions. Fulfillment centers embracing technology like drones, electronic data exchange, and pick-by vision systems have an advantage in smoother operations.

Selecting the perfect location for a future center is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make as a business owner. Failure to consider these site selection tips for fulfillment centers can promote delays and hinder on-time deliveries to your customers.

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