Most corporations have adopted a “follow the sun” deployment strategy for establishing software development and applications centers. Because of this, more companies are now embracing the US for siting new capacity.

Increasingly, domestic IT Centers are locating in mid-size or in some cases smaller metro areas. This trend is driven by the pursuit of both operating cost savings and less competitive labor markets. Of course, larger centers and/or those requiring harder to find skills (e.g., IoT, cloud security, web security, JBoss, metadata design, integration architecture, cloud computing, and selected programming languages such as JavaScript) will tend to gravitate to Tier 1 metro regions.

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In siting new IT centers, WDGC first interfaces with our clients to clearly define your critical operational and talent-based needs. This includes customer base, functions, headcount by skillset (both experienced and entry level), projected timing to reach headcount maturity, time zone preference, access to other company operations, office space, and redundant utilities, etc.

We're Here to Help

WDGC stands ready to guide you through the alignment process to ensure that the overall site selection process advances your business objectives. Our role is flexible, we can either lead to the study team or provide selected expertise (e.g., labor market metrics) as a dedicated team member.

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