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                           ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPORT  


WDGC’s core specialty is corporate site selection. Based on this expertise we created a streamlined consulting service for economic development agencies. In effect the service comprises a high altitude view of an area’s economic development strategy, toolkit, and competitive strengths/weaknesses. Our report card equates to a precursor of a comprehensive study for a state, metro, or county.

The WDGC report is generated from the perspective of an experienced customer setting about a site selection exercise. When the customer first discovers an area as a location possibility, what are the first impressions, both positive and negative? WDGC relates such impressions which provide input for the economic development agency to fortify strengths and address weaknesses in business recruitment.

As WDGC evaluates over 100 communities per annum in our site selection practice we are efficient, economical, and objective when preparing area development report cards.
Our report is created as follows:

bullet Review of background material submitted by the EDO, such as
bullet Long term ED strategy
bullet Annual reports
bullet Target industry rationale
bullet Examination of the EDO website
bullet Focus on pertinent content, ease of use, and functionality
bullet More concerned over data important to site selection than “bells and whistles”
bullet Generation of Statistical Data
From WDGC’s proprietary information base (e.g., population, workforce, wages, unionization, transportation, taxes, etc.) that is most helpful in early stages of site selectiont
bullet To eliminate areas and produce a “longlist”
bullet Thus important to relate observations on area based upon these data
bullet Interview with the main contact person at the EDO
bullet Review of past WDGC assignments involving the area, state, and any target industries
bullet Procurement of input from WDGC colleagues, selected clients, and our efforts made on behalf of CoreNet Global
bullet The industry’s premier trade association
bullet WDGC’s role embodies (a) leader of the Location Strategy workstream for producing a research paper called Corporate Real Estate 2020
bullet Teacher of the Site Selection course for professional certification and continuing education
bullet Frequent workshop speaker/moderator at national Summits

WDGC's report card output is typically composed of the following: 

bullet Formal remarks to stakeholders
bullet Often 45 minutes
bullet Plenty of time left for Q & A
bullet Frequently speak with the press as well
bullet Handout material
bullet Usually Word document or PowerPoint
bullet In bulleted format
bullet Contains greater detail underpinning presentation remarks
bullet To be utilized by EDO staff
bullet Distributed after the presentation
bullet Summary PowerPoint slides for the presentation
bullet Private meeting the evening before the presentation with a few EDO staff/board members
bullet No formal presentation
bullet Rather give and take dialogue
bullet The WDGC presentation/handout material most often encompasses the following:
bullet Latest corporate location trends
bullet Activity level
bullet Regions
bullet Industries
bullet Factors
bullet Offshore vs. onshore
bullet Successful regional economic development
bullet Need
bullet Traits
bullet Funding
bullet Examples
bullet Effective websites
bullet What's needed
bullet Some best class examples
bullet Area competitiveness
bullet Strengths
bullet Weaknesses
bullet Corrective action priorities
bullet Implications for target industries
bullet Miscellaneous observations (any hot buttons raised by the EDO)
WDGC’s report cards are reasonably priced due to breadth of our experience and adherence to the concept of a high altitude review by an educated consumer. Most of WDGC’s report cards are priced under $10,000.
We have crafted report cards for a number of EDOs. These have included:
bullet Redding (CA)
bullet Washington (State)
bullet New Mexico (State)
bullet Southern Colorado
bullet Kansas City (metro)
bullet Missouri (State)
bullet Trail County/Mayville (ND)
bullet Eastern Tennessee (Regional)
bullet Knoxville (Metro)
bullet Orlando (metro)
bullet Morehead City, NC (metro)
bullet Detroit (metro)
bullet Somerset County (NJ)
bullet Berks County (PA)
bullet United Illuminating service territory (Southern CT)
bullet Maine (State)
bullet Albuquerque
bullet State Collge
bullet Flagler County (FL)
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